Simulation study on interaction coefficient of DEM in non–spherical large size (5–30 mm) coal particles_中国颗粒学会



Partic. vol. 53 pp. 142-153 (December 2020)
doi: 10.1016/j.partic.2020.03.001

Simulation study on interaction coefficient of DEM in non–spherical large size (5–30 mm) coal particles

Daolong Yanga,b,*, Yanxiang Wanga,b,*, Jianping Lic, Qingkai Wangb, Yuntao Wanga, Yanting Yua

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    • Obtaining the coal particle shape model and its interaction coefficient. • Adopting a particle overlap method to describe the contact between particles. • Establishing a contact model of coal particles. • Establishing a mathematical model of the coal particle shape characteristics. • Simulating particle model by adopting a multi-index mixed orthogonal experiment.


The pneumatic conveying system of coal particles can greatly reduce the dust and improve the environmental quality at underground mining workface and the surrounding of coal enterprises. The particle shape and the interaction coefficients between particles and the contact surface play important roles in the pneumatic conveying and CFD–DEM simulation. In order to build the semblable shape models and obtain the accurate interaction coefficients of large coal particles, this article establishes the contact model by the particle overlap method and describes the mathematical model of the shape characteristics for large coal particle. The particle models are simulated by adopting the multi-index mixed orthogonal experiments. The accumulation density, the porosity and the error between simulation and experiment are taken as the indexes, and the particle models and the particle contact coefficients are taken as the orthogonal test factors. As a result, three more accurate particle models and their interaction coefficients are obtained, which provide the model basis for the pneumatic conveying of large coal particles.


Non-spherical particle; DEM; Particle shape; Large size particle; Orthogonal experiment