Onset of slugging fluidization in supercritical water fluidized bed_中国颗粒学会



Partic. vol. 52 pp. 47-56 (October 2020)
doi: 10.1016/j.partic.2019.11.005

Onset of slugging fluidization in supercritical water fluidized bed

Hao Wanga, Jikai Huangb, Youjun Lua,*

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    • A correlation to identify onset of slugging fluidization in SCWFB is proposed. • The effect of operation conditions on Ums is discussed. • The effect of Uf on slug hydrodynamics is discussed.


The supercritical-water fluidized bed (SCWFB) is a reactor for coal and biomass gasification without pollutant emission. We carried out a series of experiments in a SCWFB, and a dual-capacitance probe measurement system was applied to measure the hydrodynamics of slugs, such as the slug frequency, chord length, and rising velocity. Four groups of Geldart-B particles with different mean diameters were fluidized by supercritical water with a system pressure of 20–27 MPa and at 410–570 °C. The minimum slugging Reynolds number increases logarithmically with Archimedes number and a predicting correlation of the minimum slugging fluidization velocity in the SCWFB is presented: Rems =32908.84 ln(Ar0.55+260376.65)-410361.90. The relative error of the above correlation was within ±15% and the averaged relative error was 7.5%. The effect of operating conditions on the minimum slugging fluidization velocity is discussed. This research provides useful guidance for scaling-up design and for determining the optimum range of operating conditions in the SCWFB.

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Supercritical water fluidized bed; Slugging fluidization; Dual-capacitance probe method