Development of a rapid measurement system for coarse aggregate morphological parameters_中国颗粒学会


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Partic. vol. 50 pp. 181-188 (June 2020)
doi: 10.1016/j.partic.2019.06.006

Development of a rapid measurement system for coarse aggregate morphological parameters

Hejun Zhu, Huaiying Fang*, Yuanyuan Cai, Ning Lv

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    • A new algorithm (the fitted-ellipse method) evaluates the angularity of aggregates. • Using a linear profile scanner improves the measurement accuracy of the angularity. • It is possible to measure the morphological parameters accurately and quickly. • A linear profile scanner combined with a CCD camera is suited to batch inspections.


Morphological parameters of coarse aggregates, including the angularity index (AI), flat and elongated ratio, flatness ratio, and sphericity, strongly affect the performance of asphalt concrete. A device must be developed to efficiently and accurately measure these parameters. Herein, a charge-coupled device camera and a linear profile scanner are combined to evaluate the parameters. The AI is calculated using three methods. The results show that the fitted-ellipse method provides superior results among the three AI measurement methods. Moreover, the use of a linear profile scanner improves the AI measurement accuracy. Therefore, the proposed combination has high measurement efficiency and is suitable for batch inspections.

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Charge-coupled device camera; Linear profile scanner; Angularity; Flatness ratio; Sphericity