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Partic. vol. 43 pp. 181-192 (April 2019)
doi: 10.1016/j.partic.2017.12.012

A method to improve fluidization quality in gas–solid fluidized bed for fine coal beneficiation

Chenyang Zhou*, Xuchen Fan, Chenlong Duan, Yuemin Zhao*

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    • A gas–solid fluidized bed with micropore sponge was proposed for fine coal beneficiation. • The method could provide uniform gas distribution and improve density stability. • The probable error E for −6 + 3 mm coal was 0.12 g/cm3 indicating satisfied separation efficiency.


Dry coal separation has become essential in China because it does not consume water and it reduces environmental pollution. In this study, a method for improving fluidization quality in a fluidized bed separator using a micropore sponge is proposed. The separator is used for fine coal beneficiation. The pressure drop across the distributor and bed fluidization characteristics were analyzed to evaluate fluidization quality. The beneficiation efficiency for fine coal was further investigated by using a laboratory-scale fluidized bed with and without a micropore sponge. With the sponge, the highest pressure drop fluctuation factor decreased from 0.23 to 0.16, indicating an improvement in density stability. The modified separation method reduced the ash content of a sample of fine coal from 23.83% to 10.70%. The probable error efficiency value E for −6 + 3 mm coal was 0.12 g/cm3, close to the efficiency error values reported for other dry-beneficiation techniques. The separation results show that using a sponge in the fluidized bed can readily improve the efficiency of fine coal beneficiation.

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Fluidized bed; Coal beneficiation; Micropore sponge; Fine coal; Dry separation; Distributor