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Partic. vol. 33 pp. 50-54 (August 2017)
doi: 10.1016/j.partic.2016.12.004

Atmospheric pressure plasma-assisted green synthesis of amphiphilic SiO2 Janus particles

Kamlesh Panwar, Manjeet Jassal*, Ashwini K.Agrawal*

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    • Amphiphilic SiO2 Janus particles were prepared using an atmospheric pressure plasma process. • The morphology of the Janus particles synthesized was confirmed by fluorescence microscopy. • The process is also versatile to carry out variety of particle modifications.


A facile green approach for the synthesis of amphiphilic SiO2 Janus particles using low temperature atmospheric pressure plasma is reported in this study. Monodispersed SiO2 particles were masked by embedding half of their surface inside a polystyrene film. The exposed surfaces of the SiO2 particles were readily modified using He/CF3CFH2 low-temperature atmospheric pressure plasma to obtain amphiphilic Janus particles. Their amphiphilic nature was confirmed using fluorescent microscopy by tagging their hydrophilic part with a fluorescent dye. The present method can be used to generate amphiphilic Janus particles with a variety of functionalities, which may find applications as surfactants and surface modifying agents.

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Hydrophilic; Hydrophobic; SiO2; FITC; Atmospheric pressure plasma