Volume 42, Pages 1-216 (February 2019)

Advances in Particulate Spouted Beds – Papers from the 7th ...Edited by Martin Olazar, Gartzen Lopez



Pages 1-1
Martin Olazar(Guest Editors), Gartzen Lopez

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Heat transfer in a tapered fluidized bed of biomass particles with pulsed gas flow

Pages 2-14
Dening Jia, Xiaotao Bi, C. Jim Lim, Shaha b Sokhansanj, Atsushi Tsutsumi

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A novel approach to correlate heat transfer and pressure fluctuation in gas–solid spouted bed

Pages 26-34
P.K. Mollick, P.S. Goswami, M. Krishnan, P.K. Vijayan, A.B. Pandit

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Comparison of artificial neural networks with empirical correlations for estimating the average cycle time in conical spouted beds

Pages 48-57
I. Estiati, M. Tellabide, J.F. Saldarriaga, H. Altzibar, F.B. Freire, J.T. Freire, M. Olazar,

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CFD–DEM–CVD multi-physical field coupling model for simulating particle coating process in spout bed

Pages 67-78
Malin Liu, Meng Chen, Tianjin Li, Yaping Tang, Rongzheng Liu, Youlin Shao, Bing Liu, Jiaxing Chang

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A CFD–DEM study of the behaviour of single-solid and binary mixtures in a pyramidal spouted bed

Pages 79-91
Filippo Marchelli, Cristina Moliner, Barbara Bosio, Elisabetta Arato

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Simulation of spray coating in a spouted bed using recurrence CFD

Pages 92-103
Paul Kieckhefen, Thomas Lichtenegger, Swantje Pietsch, Stefan Pirker, Stefan Heinrich

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A hybrid deterministic–stochastic model for spouted beds

Pages 104-113
Shahab Golshan, Reza Zarghami, Navid Mostoufi

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CFD–DEM simulation of fine particles in a spouted bed apparatus with a Wurster tube

Pages 114-125
Paul Breuninger, Dominik Weis, Isabell Behrendt, Philipp Grohn, Fabian Krull, Sergiy Antonyuk

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A novel method of quantifying the coating progress in a three-dimensional prismatic spouted bed

Pages 137-145
Swantje Pietsch, Finn Ole Poppinga, Stefan Heinrich, Michael Müller, Michael Schönherr, Frank Kleine Jäger,

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