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Volume 10, Issue 6, Pages 649-788 (December 2012)


Modelling the bed characteristics in fluidised-beds for top-spray coating processes

Pages 649-662
Mike Vanderroost, Frederik Ronsse, Koen Dewettinck, Jan G. Pieters

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Extending EMMS-based models to CFB boiler applications

Pages 663-671
Bona Lu, Nan Zhang, Wei Wang, Jinghai Li

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A phenomenological description of moisture capacity of iron ores

Pages 692-698
Xuewei Lv, Qiugang Yuan, Chenguang Bai, Xiaobo Huang, Lei Lei

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Investigation of proper modeling of very dense granular flows in the recirculation system of CFBs

Pages 699-709
Aristeidis Nikolopoulos, Nikos Nikolopoulos, Nikos Varveris, Sotirios Karellas, Panagiotis Grammelis, Emmanuel Kakaras

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Fabrication of nano-sized Ca(OH)2 with excellent adsorption ability for N2O4

Pages 737-743
Yucheng Du, Qi Meng, Ruiqin Hou, Jing Yan, Hongxing Dai, Tong Zhang

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Synthesis of mesoporous γ-AlOOH@Fe3O4 magnetic nanomicrospheres

Pages 751-758
Yuanyuan Zheng, Shengfu Ji, Hongfei Liu, Ming Li, Hao Yang

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Urea combustion synthesis of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 as a cathode material for lithium ion batteries

Pages 765-770
Kedi Yang, Jing Su, Li Zhang, Yunfei Long, Xiaoyan Lv, Yanxuan Wen

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Controlled synthesis of Ce(OH)CO3 flowers by a hydrothermal method and their thermal conversion to CeO2 flowers

Pages 771-776
Dongen Zhang, Feng Li, Jian Gua, Qing Xie, Shanzhong Li, Xiaobo Zhang, Guiquan Han, Ailing Ying, Zhiwei Tong

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Synthesis of potassium sodium niobate powders using an EDTA/citrate complexing sol–gel method

Pages 777-782
Yang Cao, Kongjun Zhu, Hongjuan Zheng, Jinhao Qiu, Honghui Gu

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