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Volume 10, Issue 5, Pages 523-647 (October 2012)


Discrete element modelling of the quasi-static uniaxial compression of individual infant formula agglomerates

Pages 523-531
Kevin J. Hanley, Catherine O'Sullivan, Edmond P. Byrne, Kevin Cronin

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CFD–DEM study of effect of bed thickness for bubbling fluidized beds

Pages 532-541
Tingwen Li, Pradeep Gopalakrishnan, Rahul Garg, Mehrdad Shahnam

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CFD-DEM simulation of spouting of corn-shaped particles

Pages 562-572
Bing Ren, Wenqi Zhong, Yu Chen, Xi Chen, Baosheng Jin, Zhulin Yuan, Yong Lu

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Influence of rolling friction on single spout fluidized bed simulation

Pages 582-591
Christoph Goniva, Christoph Kloss, Niels G. Deen, Johannes A.M. Kuipers, Stefan Pirker

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Sand attrition in conical spouted beds

Pages 592-599
Aranzazu R. Fernández-Akarregui, Jon Makibar, Isabel Alava, Luis Diaz, Fernando Cueva, Roberto Aguado, Gartzen Lopez, Martin Olazar

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Tandem fluidized bed elutriator—Pneumatic classification of coal particles in a fluidized conveyer

Pages 600-606
Zhouen Liu, Yimin Xie, Yin Wang, Jian Yu, Shiqiu Gao, Guangwen Xu,

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Particle size and packing characterization by diffuse light transmission

Pages 619-627
Henrik Ehlers, Jyrki Heinämäki, Jouko Yliruusi

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Controllable precipitation of naproxen micro-particles with different morphologies

Pages 634-643
Peng Cheng, Kangkang Jin, Jing Cheng, Fang Yang, Zhigang Shen, Jianfeng Chen, Lixiong Wen

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