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Volume 10, Issue 4, Pages 397-522 (August 2012)

Invited Article


Discrete particle modeling of granular temperature distribution in a bubbling fluidized bed

Pages 428-437
Yurong He, Tianyu Wang, Niels Deen, Martin van Sint Annaland, Hans Kuipers, Dongsheng Wen

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Flow properties of three fuel powders

Pages 438-443
Pan Chen, Zhulin Yuan, Xianglin Shen, Yuanyuan Zhang

AbstractFull Text

Carbon nanotubes coated with platinum nanoparticles as anode of biofuel cell

Pages 450-455
Jianmei Zhang, Yihua Zhu, Cheng Chen, Xiaoling Yang, Chunzhong Li

AbstractFull Text

Irbesartan drug formulated as nanocomposite particles for the enhancement of the dissolution rate

Pages 462-467
Zhiliang Zhang, Yuan Le, Jiexin Wang, Hong Zhao, Jianfeng Chen

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Modification of ADP extinguishing powder by siliconization in spray drying

Pages 480-486
Xiaojing Zhang, Zhigang Shen, Chujiang Cai, Xiaozheng Yu, Jun Du, Yushan Xing, Shulin Ma

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Electroless copper plating using dimethylamine borane as reductant

Pages 487-491
Yong Liao, Shengtao Zhang, Robert Dryfe

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Short Communication

Self-assembly of single walled carbon nanotubes onto cotton to make conductive yarn

Pages 517-521
Wei Zhang, Yee Yuan Tan, Chengwei Wu, S. Ravi P. Silva

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