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Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 255-396 (June 2012)


Characteristics of the breakup and fragmentation of an electrohydrodynamic melt jet

Pages 255-265
Ahmad Khoshnevis, Meisam Farzalipour Tabriz, Morteza Hemayatkhah, Ahmad Esmaielzadeh Kandjani, Javad Mollaei Milani, Esmaeil Esmaeilzadeh, Morteza Eslamian, Mohamm

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Molecular simulation of oligomer inhibitors for calcite scale

Pages 266-275
Qiuyu Zhang, Hua Ren, Wenwen Wang, Junping Zhang, Hepeng Zhang

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Anti-shock loading capability of a fluidized-bed flocculator

Pages 276-282
Dandan Zhou, Shuangshi Dong, Yang Yang, Wenyuan Zhao, Linlin Gao

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Vibration time series analysis of bubbling and turbulent fluidization

Pages 292-297
Hedayat Azizpour, Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh, Reza Zarghami, Navid Mostoufi

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Temporal correlation of force and position in granular materials

Pages 306-309
Zhongwei Bi, Qicheng Sun, Feng Jin, Ming Zhang, Chuhan Zhang

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Investigation of influence of coal properties on dense-phase pneumatic conveying at high pressure

Pages 310-316
Cai Liang, Xiaoxu Xie, Pan Xu, Xiaoping Chen, Changsui Zhao, Xin Wu

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Preparation and ion exchange properties of egg-shell glass beads with different surface morphologies

Pages 317-326
Chun Shen, Yujun Wang, Jianhong Xu, Yangcheng Lu, Guangsheng Luo

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Microstructure and mechanical properties of ZrO2 (Y2O3)–Al2O3 nanocomposites prepared by spark plasma sintering

Pages 345-351
Shufeng Li, Hiroshi Izui, Michiharu Okano, Weihua Zhang, Taku Watanabe

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Preparation of nanosized hollow silica spheres from Na2SiO3 using Fe3O4 nanoparticles as templates

Pages 352-358
Chun Liu, Aili Wang, Hengbo Yin, Yutang Shen, Tingshun Jiang

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Short Communication

Additive free microwave assisted synthesis of nanocrystalline Mg(OH)2 and MgO

Pages 384-387
Kushal D. Bhatte, Dinesh N. Sawant, Krishna M. Deshmukh, Bhalchandra M. Bhanage

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Hydrothermal preparation of nanocrystalline ZnO2

Pages 388-391
Guipeng Feng, Liyun Yang, Tianxi Wang, Jiamin Zhang, Tianjun Lou

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Mixed-solvent thermal synthesis and magnetic properties of flower-like microstructured nickel

Pages 392-396
Aerpati Yimamu, Sadeh Beysen, Dengfeng Peng, Yierpan Aierken

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