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Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 145-253 (April 2012)

Advances in Characterization and Modeling of Particulate Pro...Edited by Chuan-Yu Wu and Wei Ge



Pages 145-145

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Special Issue Articles

Positron imaging systems for studying particulate, granular and multiphase flows

Pages 146-153
Thomas W. Leadbeater, David J. Parker, Joseph Gargiuli

AbstractFull Text

Electrostatic beneficiation of fly ash in a free-falling system

Pages 154-160
Lifeng Zhang, Jiangtian Hou, Xiaotao T. Bi, John R. Grace, Travis Janke, Claudio Arato

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Magnetic resonance studies of jets in a gas–solid fluidised bed

Pages 161-169
Meenal Pore, Thusara C. Chandrasekera, Daniel J. Holland, Aining Wang, Fei Wang, Qussai Marashdeh, Michael D. Mantle, Andrew J. Sederman, Liang-Shih Fan, Lynn F. Gladden, John S. Dennis

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Computational investigation of hydrodynamics and cracking reaction in a heavy oil riser reactor

Pages 184-195
Jian Chang, Kai Zhang, Fandong Meng, Longyan Wang, Xiaoli Wei

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Effect of particle shape and size on flow properties of lactose powders

Pages 203-208
Xiaowei Fu, Deborah Huck, Lisa Makein, Brian Armstrong, Ulf Willen, Tim Freeman

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Characterization of artificial spherical particles for DEM validation studies

Pages 209-220
Ignazio Cavarretta, Catherine O'Sullivan, Erdin Ibraim, Martin Lings, Simon Hamlin, David Muir Wood

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Discrete particle simulation of mixed sand transport

Pages 221-228
Fengjun Xiao, Liejin Guo, Debiao Li, Yueshe Wang

AbstractFull Text

Modelling die filling with charged particles using DEM/CFD

Pages 229-235
Emmanuel Nkem Nwose, Chunlei Pei, Chuan-Yu Wu

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Simulations of granular flow along an inclined plane using the Savage–Hutter model

Pages 236-241
Minglong Fei, Qicheng Sun, Deyu Zhong, Gordon G.D. Zhou

AbstractFull Text

A 2D DEM–LBM study on soil behaviour due to locally injected fluid

Pages 242-252
Xilin Cui, Jun Li, Andrew Chan, David Chapman

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