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Volume 9, Issue 6, Pages 545-662 (December 2011)


Controllable preparation of particles with microfluidics

Pages 545-558
Guangsheng Luo, Le Du, Yujun Wang, Yangcheng Lu, Jianhong Xu

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Self-assembly of latex particles for colloidal crystals

Pages 559-565
Zhirong Li, Jingxia Wang, Yanlin Song

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Technical challenges in tackling regulatory concerns for urban atmospheric nanoparticles

Pages 566-571
Prashant Kumar, Alan Robins, Sotiris Vardoulakis, Paul Quincey

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Measuring turbulence in a circulating fluidized bed using PIV techniques

Pages 572-588
Mayank Kashyap, Benjapon Chalermsinsuwan, Dimitri Gidaspow

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Solids behavior in dilute zone of a CFB riser under turbulent conditions

Pages 598-605
Abdelghafour Zaabout, Hervé Bournot, René Occelli, Abdeslam Draoui

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Evaluation of particle growth systems for sampling and analysis of atmospheric fine particles

Pages 606-610
Dae Seong Kim, Sang Bum Hong, Jung-Taek Kwon, Kihong Park

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Convective heat transfer of nanofluids with correlations

Pages 626-631
Lazarus Godson Asirvatham, Balakrishnan Raja, Dhasan Mohan Lal, Somchai Wongwises

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Large-scale synthesis of hollow titania spheres via flame combustion

Pages 632-636
Jie Liu, Yanjie Hu , Feng Gu, Chunzhong Li

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Size prediction of κ-carrageenan droplets formed in co-flowing immiscible liquid

Pages 637-643
Jun-Yee Leong, Tek-Kaun Lim, Ravindra Pogaku, Eng-Seng Chan

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Short Communication

Probing the nature of the contact between fine particles by using ultrasound propagation

Pages 659-662
Antonio Castellanos, Xiaoping Jia, Carlos Soria-Hoyo, Jose Manuel Valverde

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