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Volume 9, Issue 4, Pages 319-450 (August 2011)

Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Complex Particulate Sy...Edited by Ning Yang, Wei Ge, Jinghai Li and Aibing...



Pages 319-319
Ning Yang (Guest Editor), Wei Ge (Guest Editor), Jinghai Li (Guest Editor), Aibing Yu (Guest Editor)

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Special Issue Articles

The ultimate goal of modeling—Simulation of system and plant performance

Pages 320-329
Joachim Werther, Stefan Heinrich, Maksym Dosta, Ernst-Ulrich Hartge

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Multi-scale magnetic resonance measurements and validation of Discrete Element Model simulation

Pages 330-341
Christoph R. Müller, Daniel J. Holland, James R. Third, Andrew J. Sederman , John S. Dennis, Lynn F. Gladden

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Use of multiscale particle simulations in the design of nuclear plant decommissioning

Pages 358-364
Richard A. Williams, Xiaodong Jia, Peter Ikin, David Knight

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Liquid bridge force between two unequal-sized spheres or a sphere and a plane

Pages 374-380
Youchuan Chen, Yongzhi Zhao, Hongli Gao, Jinyang Zheng

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A capillary force model for interactions between two spheres

Pages 381-386
Amir Farrokh Payam, Morteza Fathipour

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Dense-phase pneumatic conveying under pressure in horizontal pipeline

Pages 432-440
Daoye Yang, Bin Zhou, Chuanlong Xu, Shimin Wang

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Quasi-real-time simulation of rotating drum using discrete element method with parallel GPU computing

Pages 446-450
Ji Xu, Huabiao Qi, Xiaojian Fang, Liqiang Lu, Wei Ge, Xiaowei Wang, Ming Xu, Feiguo Chen, Xianfeng He, Jinghai Li

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