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Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 193-317 (June 2011)

Invited Article

From micro- to nanosized particles: Selected characterization methods and measurable parameters

Pages 193-203
Nayla Sabbagh-Kupelwieser, Anne Maisser, Wladyslaw W. Szymanski

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Comparison of four scanning mobility particle sizers at the Fresno Supersite

Pages 204-209
John G. Watson, Judith C. Chow, David A. Sodeman, Douglas H. Lowenthal, M.-C. Oliver Chang, Kihong Park, Xiaoliang Wang

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Chemical composition of PM2.5 during winter in Tianjin, China

Pages 215-221
Jinxia Gu, Zhipeng Bai, Weifang Li, Liping Wu, Aixia Liu, Haiyan Dong, Yiyang Xie

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Effect of formulation of alginate beads on their mechanical behavior and stiffness

Pages 228-234
Eng-Seng Chan, Tek-Kaun Lim, Wan-Ping Voo, Ravindra Pogaku, Beng Ti Tey, Zhibing Zhang

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Synthesis of Ag/AgCl–mesoporous silica nanocomposites using a simple aqueous solution-based chemical method and a study of their antibacterial activity on E. coli

Pages 243-247
Bhanudas Naik, Vilas Desai, Meenal Kowshik, Vadakkethonippurathu Sivankutty Prasad, Gerard Franklyn Fernando, Narendra Nath Ghosh,

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Filter paper-templated preparation of ZnO thin films and examination of their gas-sensing properties

Pages 253-259
Bao Wang, Ning Han, Dong Meng, Renliang Yue, Jinghui Yan, Yunfa Chen,

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Enhancing mixing of particles by baffles in a rotating drum mixer

Pages 270-278
Maoqiang Jiang, Yongzhi Zhao, Gesi Liu, Jinyang Zheng

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Fluidization of nano and sub-micron powders using mechanical vibration

Pages 279-287
Souresh Kaliyaperumal, Shahzad Barghi, Lauren Briens, Sohrab Rohani, Jesse Zhu

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Sawdust discharge rate from aerated hoppers

Pages 306-313
Pan Chen, Zhulin Yuan, Chien-Song Chyang, Fu-Xiong Zhuan

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Short Communication

Size control of monodisperse nonporous silica particles by seed particle growth

Pages 314-317
Beibei Zhao, Caihua Tian, Yan Zhang, Tao Tang, Fengyun Wang,

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