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Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 101-191 (April 2011)


Mathematical simulation of radial heat transfer in packed beds by pseudohomogeneous modeling

Pages 107-113
Rodrigo Béttega, Marcos Flávio Pinto Moreira, Ronaldo Guimarães Corrêa, José Teixeira Freire,

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New formula for drag coefficient of cylindrical particles

Pages 114-120
Xiaohui Guo, Jianzhong Lin, Deming Nie

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Experiments and simulations of gas–solid flow in an airlift loop reactor

Pages 130-138
Chaoyu Yan, Chunxi Lu, Yiping Fan, Rui Cao, Yansheng Liu

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Fluidized and vibrofluidized shallow beds of fresh leaves

Pages 139-147
Renata de Aquino Brito Lima, Maria do Carmo Ferreira

AbstractFull Text

Measuring powder flowability with a modified Warren Spring cohesion tester

Pages 148-154
Salam A. Mohammed, Ezzat C. Abdullah, Derek Geldart, Abdul Aziz A. Raman

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Template-based growth of titanium dioxide nanorods by a particulate sol-electrophoretic deposition process

Pages 161-169
Mohammad Reza Mohammadi, Farideh Ordikhani, Derek J. Fray, Farzad Khomamizadeh

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Morphology-controllable synthesis and characterization of CeO2 nanocrystals

Pages 170-173
Yangfeng Huang, Yebin Cai, Dongkai Qiao, Hao Liu

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