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Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 1-99 (February 2011)

Invited Article

Particles dispersion on fluid–liquid interfaces

Pages 1-13
Sathish Gurupatham, Bhavin Dalal, Md. Shahadat Hossain, Ian S. Fischer, Pushpendra Singh, Daniel D. Joseph

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Crystalline phase of Y2O3:Eu particles generated in a substrate-free flame process

Pages 24-31
Bing Guo, Hoon Yim, Wonjoong Hwang, Matt Nowell, Zhiping Luo

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Local heat transfer properties in co- and counter-current G–L–S magnetically stabilized fluidized beds

Pages 44-50
Jinli Zhang, Ming Zhang, Wei Li, Xiaofang Li, Xiangkun Meng, Baoning Zong

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Template preparation of twisted nanoparticles of mesoporous silica

Pages 51-55
Kui Niu, Zhongbin Ni, Chengwu Fu, Tatsuo Kaneko, Mingqing Chen

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Preparation and activity evaluation of NiMoB/γ-Al2O3 catalyst by liquid-phase furfural hydrogenation

Pages 69-74
Shuqin Wei, Hongyou Cuia, Jinghua Wang, Shuping Zhuo, Weiming Yi, Lihong Wang, Zhihe Li

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Photodegradation of benzene by TiO2 nanoparticles prepared by flame CVD process

Pages 75-79
Hongyong Xie, Luping Zhu, Lingling Wang, Shengwen Chen, Dandan Yang, Lijun Yang, Guilan Gao, Hao Yuan

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Shape and size effects of ceria nanoparticles on the impact strength of ceria/epoxy resin composites

Pages 80-85
Xiaoqiang He, Dengsong Zhang, Hongrui Li, Jianhui Fang, Liyi Shi

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Short Communication

Synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles via sonochemical method and their characterization

Pages 95-99
Amir Hassanjani-Roshan, Mohammad Reza Vaezi, Ali Shokuhfar, Zohreh Rajabali

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