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Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 187-299 (June 2010)

Structure and Properties of Layered Inorganic MaterialsEdited by Xue Duan


Special Issue Articles

Mild hydrothermal preparation of a layered metal hydroxide salt with microtube/rod morphology

Pages 192-197
He Zhang, Hongbin Li, Ying Guo, Guodong Li, Chi Fan, Keji Wang, Jiesheng Chen

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Synthesis of Mg–Al–carbonate layered double hydroxide by an atom-economic reaction

Pages 198-201
Xiangyu Xu, Dianqing Li, Jiaqing Song, Yanjun Lin, Zhi Lv, Min Wei, Xue Duan

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Controllable magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite particles derived from layered double hydroxide precursors

Pages 207-211
Yonglian Qi, Yingsheng Yang, Xiaofei Zhao, Xilan Liu, Peng Wu, Fazhi Zhang, Sailong Xu

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Characterization of gold/PMMA hybrid nanomaterials synthesized by hard X-ray synchrotron radiation

Pages 234-239
Hueywen Liou, Weijen Liou, Hongming Lin, Yeukuang Hwu, Wenchang Chen

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Influence of temperature and solution composition on the formation of calcium sulfates

Pages 240-244
Kangbi Luo, Chunmei Li, Lan Xiang , Huping Li, Ping Ning

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A rheological method for selecting nano-kaolin powder as filler in SBR rubber

Pages 245-250
Alberto Lagazzo, Sergio Lenzi, Rodolfo Botter, Paolo Cirillo, Fabrizio Demicheli, Dario T. Beruto

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TiO2-modified nano-egg-shell Pd catalyst for selective hydrogenation of acetylene

Pages 251-256
Jin Gao, Qiufeng Zhu, Lixiong Wen, Jianfeng Chen,

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