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Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 421-512 (December 2009)

Invited Article


Size-dependent coalescence kernel in fertilizer granulation—A comparative study

Pages 445-450
Papiya Roy, Manish Vashishtha, Rajesh Khanna, Duvvuri Subbarao

AbstractFull Text

Dynamic magnetic hysteresis in a liquid suspension of acicular maghemite particles

Pages 451-458
Bronislav E. Kashevsky, Sergey B. Kashevsky, Igor V. Prokhorov

AbstractFull Text

Effects of laponite and silica nanoparticles on the cleaning performance of amylase towards starch soils

Pages 459-465
Wai Peng Lee, Alberto Martinez, Dan Xu, Anju Brooker, David W. York, Yulong Ding

AbstractFull Text

Sol–gel synthesis and characterization of hydroxyapatite nanorods

Pages 466-470
Sanosh Kunjalukkal Padmanabhan, Avinash Balakrishnan, Min-Cheol Chu, Yong Jin Lee, Taik Nam Kim, Seong-Jai Cho

AbstractFull Text

Experimental investigation on flow asymmetry in solid entrance region of a square circulating fluidized bed

Pages 483-490
Zhengyang Wang, Shaozeng Sun, Hao Chen, Qigang Deng, Guangbo Zhao, Shaohua Wu

AbstractFull Text

Spectra of ZnO nanoparticles under low photon energy excitation

Pages 496-500
Xiaofang Wang, Pingbo Xie, Fuli Zhao, Hezhou Wang, Yanmin Wang

AbstractFull Text

Mineralogical characteristics of soil dust from source regions in northern China

Pages 507-512
Zhenxing Shen, Sandrine Caquineau, Junji Cao, Xiaoye Zhang, Yuemei Han, Annie Gaudichet, Laurent Gomes

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