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Volume 6, Issue 6, Pages 389-583 (December 2008)

Simulation and Modeling of Particulate SystemsEdited by Haiping Zhu and Aibing Yu



Pages 389-389
Haiping Zhu, Aibing Yu

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Special Issue Articles

Micromechanical investigation of granular ratcheting using a discrete model of polygonal particles

Pages 390-403
Fernando Alonso-Marroquín, Hans B. Mühlhaus, Hans J. Herrmann

AbstractFull Text

Lattice approaches to packed column simulations

Pages 404-411
Richard Caulkin, Xiaodong Jia, Mike Fairweather, Richard A. Williams

AbstractFull Text

Vibration induced flow in hoppers: DEM 2D polygon model

Pages 455-466
Feras Y. Fraige, Paul A. Langston, Andrew J. Matchett, John Dodds

AbstractFull Text

DEM simulation of particle percolation in a packed bed

Pages 475-482
Mahbubur Rahman, Haiping Zhu, Aibing Yu, John Bridgwater

AbstractFull Text

Modeling slow deformation of polygonal particles using DEM

Pages 506-514
Andrés A. Peña, Pedro G. Lind, Hans J. Herrmann

AbstractFull Text

Pattern formation in particle systems driven by color field

Pages 515-520
Xiaoxing Liu, Huabiao Qi, Wei Ge, Jinghai Li

AbstractFull Text

Two-fluid modeling of Geldart A particles in gas-fluidized beds

Pages 540-548
Mao Ye, Junwu Wang, M.A. van der Hoef, J.A.M. Kuipers

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Modelling of massive particulates for breakwater engineering using coupled FEMDEM and CFD

Pages 572-583
John-Paul Latham, Antonio Munjiza, Julian Mindel, Jiansheng Xiang, Romain Guises, Xavier Garcia, Chris Pain, Gerard Gorman, Matthew Piggott

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