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Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 131-222 (June 2008)


Utilization of chemical looping strategy in coal gasification processes

Pages 131-142
Liangshih Fan, Fanxing Li, Shwetha Ramkumar

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Effects of land use patterns on soil aggregate stability in Sichuan Basin, China

Pages 157-166
Zhen Zhang, Chaofu Wei, Deti Xie, Ming Gao, Xibai Zeng

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Reconciliation of size–density bivariate distributions over a separating node

Pages 167-175
Bidarahalli Venkoba Rao, Vivek Ganvir, Sirigeri Jois Gopalakrishna

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Influence of surface modification of SrFe12O19 particles with oleic acid on magnetic microsphere preparation

Pages 185-190
Sifang Kong, Peipei Zhang, Xiufang Wen, Pihui Pi, Jiang Cheng, Zhuoru Yang, Jing Hai

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On the viscosity of magnetic fluid with low and moderate solid fraction

Pages 191-198
Zhiqiang Ren, Yanping Han, Ruoyu Hong, Jianmin Ding, Hongzhong Li

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Aerosol observation in Fengtai area, Beijing

Pages 214-217
Zengdong Liu, Jianguo Liu, Bei Wang, Fan Lu, Shuhua Huang, Dexia Wu, Daowen Han

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Research Note

Difference between low-volume and high-volume Andersen samplers in measuring atmospheric aerosols

Pages 218-222
Fengfu Fu, Nobuo Shinohaya, Mitsuo Ito, Xueqin Xu, Mincong Shen, Liangjun Xu

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