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Volume 11, Issue 5, Pages 475-618 (October 2013)


Hydrodynamic performance of spouted beds with different types of draft tubes

Pages 475-482
Hiroshi Nagashima, Kazumi Suzukawa, Toshifumi Ishikura

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Modelling overall particle motion in fluidised beds for top-spray coating processes

Pages 490-505
Mike Vanderroost, Frederik Ronsse, Koen Dewettinck, Jan G. Pieters

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CFD modeling of catalyst pellet for oxidative coupling of methane: Heat transfer and reaction

Pages 506-513
Ramin Maghrebi, Nakisa Yaghobi, Siavash Seyednejadian, Mitra H. Tabatabaei

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An evaluation of mass, number concentration, chemical composition and types of particles in a cafeteria before and after the passage of an antismoking law

Pages 527-532
Jorge Pey , Barend L. van Drooge, Anna Ripoll, Teresa Moreno, Joan O. Grimalt, Xavier Querol, Andrés Alastuey

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Graphite dust deposition in the HTR-10 steam generator

Pages 533-539
Wei Peng, Yanan Zhen, Xiaoyong Yang, Suyuan Yu

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Influence of mass-flow ratio of inner to outer secondary air on gas–particle flow near a swirl burner

Pages 540-548
Jianping Jing, Chunming Zhang, Wei Sun, Jieruo An, Jinsheng Bi, Zhengqi Li

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Multi-scale image segmentation of coal piles on a belt based on the Hessian matrix

Pages 549-555
Zelin Zhang, JianguoYang, Xiaolan Su, Lihua Ding, Yuling Wang

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Effect of wall boundary condition on CFD simulation of CFB risers

Pages 556-565
Xinyu Zhou, Jinsen Gao, Chunming Xu, Xingying Lan

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Preparation of SiO2/TiO2 Janus particles by electrostatic assembly, hydrolysis and calcination

Pages 574-580
Baoliang Zhang, Qiuyu Zhang , Hepeng Zhang, Xinlong Fan, Dezhong Yin, Xiangjie Li, Wei Li

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Numerical simulation on mixing dynamics of flexible filamentous particles in the transverse section of a rotary drum

Pages 594-600
Fan Geng, Yingchao Wang, Yimin Li, Longji Yuan, Xinyong Wang, Min Liu, Zhulin Yuan

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Short Communication

Solvothermal synthesis of trigonal selenium with butterfly-like microstructure

Pages 614-617
Kai Zeng, Shuguang Chen, Yande Song, Haibin Li, Fujin Li, Peng Liu

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