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Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 119-248 (April 2013)

Measurement Technology for Particulate SystemEdited by Xiaoshu Cai, Zhiyao Huang, Feng Dong and...


Message from Editor-in-Chief

Pages viii-viii
Jinghai Li (Editor-in-Chief of Particuology)

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Invited Article

Special Issue Articles


Pages 134-134
Xiaoshu Cai (Guest Editor), Zhiyao Huang (Guest Editor), Feng Dong (Guest Editor), Yuichi Murai (Guest Editor)

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3D reconstruction of single rising bubble in water using digital image processing and characteristic matrix

Pages 170-183
Yuchen Bian, Feng Dong, Weida Zhang, Hongyi Wang, Chao Tan, Zhiqiang Zhang

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Measurement and simulation of swirling coal combustion

Pages 189-197
Liyuan Hu, Lixing Zhou, Yonghao Luo Caisong Xu

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Online monitoring of gas–solid two-phase flow using projected CG method in ECT image reconstruction

Pages 204-215
Qi Wang, Chengyi Yang, Huaxiang Wang, Ziqiang Cui, Zhentao Gao

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Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis and gas sensitivity of nanostructured SnO2

Pages 242-248
Liying Man, Jun Zhang, Jieqiang Wang, Hongyan Xu, Bingqiang Cao

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