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Volume 5, Issues 1-2, Pages 1-191 (April 2007)

Special Issue on Magnetic Particulate SystemsEdited by Jordan Hristov and Hongzhong Li



Pages xi-xi
Jordan Hristov, Hongzhong Li

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Special Issue Articles

Audio-frequency heating of particulate magnetic systems

Pages 84-92
B.E. Kashevsky, I.V. Prokhorov, S.B. Kashevsky

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Magnetic filtration of an iron oxide aerosol by means of magnetizable grates

Pages 140-144
A. Alvaro, J.M. Rodríguez, Paulo A. Augusto, A.M. Estévez

AbstractFull Text

Sedimentation acceleration of remanent iron oxide by magnetic flocculation

Pages 145-150
Mathias Stolarski, Christian Eichholz, Benjamin Fuchs, Hermann Nirschl

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Effects of magnetic field on fluidization properties of magnetic pearls

Pages 151-155
Maoming Fan, Zhenfu Luo, Yuemin Zhao, Qingru Chen, Daniel Tao, Xiuxiang Tao, Zhenqiang Chen

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Dextran-modified iron oxide nanoparticles

Pages 162-168
Jiří Hradil, Alexander Pisarev, Michal Babič, Daniel Horák

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Comparison of schemes for preparing magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles

Pages 186-191
Ruoyu Hong, Jianhua Li, Jian Wang, Hongzhong Li

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