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Volume 4, Issues 3-4, Pages 103-210 (July 2006)

Festschrift in honor of Professors Yong Jin and Zhiqing YuEdited by Jesse Zhu and Xiaotao Bi


Preface in dedication to Professors Yong Jin and Zhiqing Yu

Pages 103-103
Jesse Zhu (Guest editor), Xiaotao Bi (Guest editor)

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Special Issue Articles

Characterization of powder flowability using measurement of angle of repose

Pages 104-107
D. Geldart, E.C. Abdullah, A. Hassanpour, L.C. Nwoke, I. Wouters

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The serial model in liquid fluidization and its limitations

Pages 127-130
R. Escudié, N. Epstein, H.T. Bi, J.R. Grace

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Thermal boundary layer in CFB boiler riser

Pages 131-135
Jinwei Wang, Xinmu Zhao, Yu Wang, Xing Xing, Jiansheng Zhang, Guangxi Yue

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Effect of nozzle fan angle on sprays in gas-solid riser flow

Pages 147-152
Muhammad M.R. Qureshi, Chao Zhu, Chao-Hsin Lin, Liang-Shih Fan

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CFD Simulation of fluid catalytic cracking in downer reactors

Pages 160-166
Fei Liu, Fei Wei, Yu Zheng, Yong Jin

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Flow behavior and mass transfer in three-phase external-loop airlift reactors with large particles

Pages 178-182
Malin Liu, Tongwang Zhang, Tiefeng Wang, Jinfu Wang, Yong Jin

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