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Volume 33, Pages 1-138 (August 2017)


Void fraction measurement of bubble and slug flow in a small channel using the multivision technique

Pages 11-16
Huajun Li, Xiaohu Zheng, Haifeng Ji, Zhiyao Huang, Baoliang Wang, Haiqing Li

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Assembly of charged aerosols on non-conducting substrates via ion-assisted aerosol lithography (IAAL)

Pages 17-23
Seunghyon Kang, Wooik Jung, Dae Seong Kim, Sei Jin Park, Mansoo Choi

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Controlled synthesis of hollow magnetic Fe3O4 nanospheres: Effect of the cooling rate

Pages 24-28
Yong Hong, Hongbing Shi, Xia Shu, Yuchun Zheng, Yong Zhang, Yucheng Wu

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Effect of precursor thermal history on the formation of amorphous and crystalline calcium carbonate

Pages 29-34
Jitendra Pal Singh, Mi-Jung Ji, Cheol-Hwee Shim, Sang Ok Kim, Keun Hwa Chae

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Influence of co-solvent hydroxyl group number on properties of water-based conductive carbon pastes

Pages 35-41
Chengjie Hua, Xiaoming Li, Lijuan Shen, Hong Lei, Xiaoqian Guo, Zhuo Liu, Qingqiang Kong, Lijing Xie, Cheng-Meng Chen

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Self-assembly of fibrous ZSM-5 zeolites in the presence of sodium alginate

Pages 55-62
Jinlong Jiang, Shoupeng Ji, Chuansong Duanmu, Yichang Pan, Jie Wu, Mei Wu, Jing Chen

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Comparison of aerosol characteristics during haze periods over two urban agglomerations in China using CALIPSO observations

Pages 63-72
Qiong Liu, Xiaojun Ma, Yanrong Yu, Yan Qin, Yonghang Chen, Yanming Kang, Hua Zhang, Tiantao Cheng, Yan Ling, Yujie Tang

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Effect of particle degradation on electrostatic sensor measurements and flow characteristics in dilute pneumatic conveying

Pages 73-79
Wei Chen, Jianyong Zhang, Timothy Donohue, Kenneth Williams, Ruixue Cheng, Mark Jones, Bin Zhou

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Analysis of humidity-dependent adhesion between a probe tip and a surface

Pages 91-97
Li Yang, Junhui Hu, Huapeng Xiao, Wenwen Quan

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