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Volume 17, Pages 1-172 (December 2014)

Invited Article

Inorganic nanocrystals: From molecular design to systematic engineering

Pages 1-10
Kai Wang, Zhicheng Zhang, Xun Wang, Yadong LiAuthor Vitae

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A multi-functional polymer coating that is heat-resistant, hydrophobic and transparent

Pages 11-14
Tianyi Zhao, Dongmei Zhang, Chunmei Ding, Jinglun Zhou, Jinsong Zhu, Lei Jiang

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Adsorption and photo-catalytic properties of layered lepidocrocite-like quasi-amorphous compounds based on modified potassium polytitanates

Pages 22-28
E.V. Tretyachenko, A.V. Gorokhovsky, G.Y. Yurkov, F.S. Fedorov, M.A. Vikulova, D.S. Kovaleva, E.E. Orozaliev

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Fabrication and electrochemical performance of nanofibrous micro-frameworks of α-MnO2

Pages 54-58
Dalai Jin, Ruirui Liu, Xiaochu Ding, Longcheng Wang, Lina Wang, Linhai Yue

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Key synthesis of magnetic Janus nanoparticles using a modified facile method

Pages 59-65
Nisar Ali, Baoliang Zhang, Hepeng Zhang, Wajed Zaman, Wei Li, Qiuyu Zhang

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Formation of uniform reduced graphene oxide films on modified PET substrates using drop-casting method

Pages 66-73
Chunlin Zhao, Li Xing, Junhui Xiang, Lijie Cui, Jianbin Jiao, Huazheng Sai, Zhenyou Li, Fei Li

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A qualitative study on the pulsatile flow phenomenon in a dense fly ash pneumatic conveyor

Pages 81-91
Wei Chen, Kenneth C. Williams, Isabel Jabs, Mark G. Jones

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Attritor-milling of poly(amide imide) suspensions

Pages 92-96
M.F.H. Wolff, S. Antonyuk, S. Heinrich, G.A. Schneider

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Capillary hydrodynamic fractionation of hydrophobic colloids: Errors in the estimated particle size distribution

Pages 97-105
Luis A. Clementi, Zohartze Artetxe, Ziortza Aguirreurreta, Amaia Agirre, José R. Leiza, Luis M. Gugliotta, Jorge R. Vega

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Flow behavior of high-temperature flue gas in the heat transfer chamber of a pilot-scale coal-water slurry combustion furnace

Pages 114-124
Yanwei Zhang, Yu Bo, Yingchun Wu, Xuecheng Wu, Zhenyu Huang, Junhu Zhou, Kefa Cen

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Tribological and tribochemical properties of magnetite nanoflakes as additives in oil lubricants

Pages 136-144
Longhua Xiang, Chuanping Gao, Yanmin Wang, Zhidong Pan, Dawei Hu

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Graphite dust resuspension in an HTR-10 steam generator

Pages 149-157
Wei Peng, Tianqi Zhang, Yanan Zhen, Suyuan Yu

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Comparative performance of different urea coating materials for slow release

Pages 165-172
Khairul Ridzwan Mohd Ibrahim, Farahnaz Eghbali Babadi, Robiah Yunus

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