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Volume 14, Pages 1-138 (June 2014)

Invited Article

Gelation of polymeric nanoparticles

Pages 1-11
Hua Wu, Massimo Morbidelli

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Preparation of polyacrylamide/silica composite capsules by inverse Pickering emulsion polymerization

Pages 12-18
Kui Zhang, Qian Wang, Hong Meng, Mian Wang, Wei Wu, Jianfeng Chen

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Biopolymer-assisted synthesis of yttrium oxide nanoparticles

Pages 19-23
Hakan Kaygusuz, Gökhan Bilir, Filiz Tezcan, F. Bedia Erim, Gönül Özen

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Controlled preparation and characterization of nano-sized hexagonal Mg(OH)2 flame retardant

Pages 51-56
Huaxiong Fang, Tao Zhou, Xiangping Chen, Simin Li, Guangshan Shen, Xiaoyan Liao

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Yttria-stabilized-zirconia hollow spheres prepared by atmospheric plasma spray

Pages 57-62
Xiaofeng Zhang, Kesong Zhou, Fa Chang, Chen Song, Chunming Deng, Siyuan Liang

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Large-scale synthesis of hierarchical MnO2 for benzene catalytic oxidation

Pages 71-75
Dongyan Li, Genli Shen, Wenxiang Tang, Haidi Liu, Yunfa Chen

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Preparation of stable colloidal suspensions of superdisintegrants via wet stirred media milling

Pages 76-82
Mohammad A. Azad, Afolawemi Afolabi, Nikita Patel, Rajesh Davé, Ecevit Bilgili

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Stop flow lithography synthesis of non-spherical metal oxide particles

Pages 91-97
David Baah, Tobias Donnell, Julaunica Tigner, Tamara Floyd-Smith,

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Capture of phosphates in surface water by TiO2 nanoparticles under UV irradiation

Pages 98-102
Hongyong Xie, Qi Zheng, Shanzhu Wang, Changwen Ma, Guilan Gao, Naici Bing, Zhiguo Sun

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Numerical simulation of gas–solid flow with two fluid model in a spouted-fluid bed

Pages 109-116
Shuyan Wang, Liqian Zhao, Chunsheng Wang, Yinsong Liu, Jinsen Gao, Yang Liu, Qinglin Cheng

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Leakage of nuclear material powder from pressure container through a small orifice

Pages 117-123
Longbo Liu, Yanmin Wu, Yongyang Su, Hanbing Tang, Zhihong Zhang, Ping Huang, Lili Zhang, Lixing Zhang

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