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Volume 12, Pages 1-122 (February 2014)

Conveying and handling of particulate solids – Challenges o...Edited by Avi Levy and Aibing Yu


Special Issue Articles

Product design based on discrete particle modeling of a fluidized bed granulator

Pages 13-24
Lennart Fries, Sergiy Antonyuk, Stefan Heinrich, Gerhard Niederreiter, Stefan Palzer

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Segregation of particulate solids: Experiments and DEM simulations

Pages 25-32
M. Combarros, H.J. Feise, H. Zetzener, A. Kwade

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Effect of magnetic field orientation on fluidized beds of magnetic particles: Theory and experiment

Pages 54-63
Miguel Ángel Sánchez Quintanilla, Manuel Jesús Espin, José Manuel Valverde

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Particle shape characterisation and its application to discrete element modelling

Pages 80-89
Kenneth C. Williams, Wei Chen, Sebastian Weeger, Timothy J. Donohue

AbstractFull Text

Values for particle-scale properties of biomass briquettes made from agroforestry residues

Pages 100-106
Á. Ramírez-Gómez , E. Gallego, J.M. Fuentes, C. González-Montellano, F. Ayuga

AbstractFull Text

DEM speedup: Stiffness effects on behavior of bulk material

Pages 107-112
Stef Lommen, Dingena Schott, Gabriel Lodewijks

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