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Volume 37, Pages 1-154 (April 2018)


Converting industrial waste contact masses into effective multicomponent copper-based catalysts for the Rochow process

Pages 1-8
Hezhi Liu, Yongjun Ji, Yongxia Zhu, Guangna Wang, Xueguang Wang, Ziyi Zhong, Fabing Su

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Preparation of 3D micro/nanostructured CeO2: Influence of organic/inorganic acids

Pages 17-25
Runnong Yang, Lin Yu, Ming Sun, Xiangyun Zhao, Gao Cheng, Wenjin Ye

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Synthesis of mesoporous tin dioxide via sol-gel process assisted by resorcinol–formaldehyde gel

Pages 26-32
Kornkamol Banjerdteerakul, Paravee Vas-Umnuay, Varong Pavarajarn

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Facile room-temperature coprecipitation of uniform barium chlorapatite nanoassemblies as a host photoluminescent material

Pages 37-42
Peiyan Zhai, Xiuping Chen, Zhaoqiang Zhang, Lin Zhu, Heng Zhang, Wancheng Zhu

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Enhancement of filtration efficiency by electrical charges on nebulized particles

Pages 81-90
Hui Chen, Zhenyi Zhang, Zhenzhong Zhang, Feng Jiang, Ruiming Du

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Field study of a soft X-ray aerosol neutralizer combined with electrostatic classifiers for nanoparticle size distribution measurements

Pages 99-106
Alessia Nicosia, Laura Manodori, Arianna Trentini, Isabella Ricciardelli, Dimitri Bacco, Vanes Poluzzi, Lorenza Di Matteo, Franco Belosi

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Source apportionment of PM10 in Delhi, India using PCA/APCS, UNMIX and PMF

Pages 107-118
Srishti Jain, S.K. Sharma, T.K. Mandal, Mohit Saxena

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Composition of carbohydrates, surfactants, major elements and anions in PM2.5 during the 2013 Southeast Asia high pollution episode in Malaysia

Pages 119-126
Shoffian Amin Jaafar, Mohd Talib Latif, Intan Suraya Razak, Nurul Bahiyah Abd Wahid, Md Firoz Khan, Thunwadee Srithawirat

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Removal of inhalable particles from coal and refuse combustion by agglomeration with solid nuclei

Pages 127-133
Deshuai Sun, Xiaodong Zhang, Zhongyi Zhang, Long Fang, Hui Du

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